Event Rules

Event Duration: Long-term event

Event Venue: Sports venue

Event Details: Members who place their first bet at the sports venue can participate in this event and enjoy a 100% refund guarantee.

Event ConditionsLoss CompensationMaximum Refund (USDT)Bonus Withdrawal Requirement
First bet on sports venue ≥22 USDT100%228x

Alright, listen up, rookie. Here’s the lowdown on how you’re gonna get in on this action,:

  1. No Prior Bets Allowed: This sweet deal is only for those of you who haven’t placed a single bet in the sports venue before. If you have, tough luck.
  2. First Bet, Big Stakes: We’re talking about your first bet here. It’s gotta be at least 22 USDT, and it better end up a loss (partial or full). No wins, no dice.
  3. Time’s Ticking: You gotta log in and hit that “Apply Now” button on the same day your bet settles, and you’ve got until 23:59:59 to do it. Miss it, and you’re outta luck.
  4. Claim Fast, or Lose It: If your application’s a go, the system will drop your reward in the “Welfare Center” within 48 hours the next day. You’ve got 3 days to claim it, and it’s only good for Sabah sports bets. Don’t claim it? It’s gone, no take-backs.
  5. Meet the Wager Requirements: Once you get your bonus, hustle and meet those turnover requirements. If the venue locks you out, you’ve got three days to unlock it for a second payout attempt. Miss that, and your bonus vanishes into thin air.
  6. Valid Bets Only: We only count settled bets with a win/loss result. No pushes or canceled events. Bets with odds lower than 1.5 in European, 0.5 in Hong Kong, 0.5 in Malay, or -2.0 in Indonesian are out. Same goes for hedging on the same event.
  7. No Double Dipping: Any turnover from using the bonus in the sports venue won’t count towards any rebate calculations.
  8. USDT Only: This gig’s strictly for the USDT users. No exceptions.

So, get in, place your bets, follow the rules, and maybe you’ll walk away with some sweet bonuses.


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