Event Time: 2024 June 1 00:00:00 – 2024 June 30 23:59:59

Target Audience: MK all members

Event Venues: Panda sports, DB live casino

Event Details: During the activity period, members who meet the consecutive winning conditions the event, can contact customer services to apply bonus and maximum bonus up to 38,000,000 VND.

Activity 1: Sports – consecutive wins

Participate method: the sports wins consecutive conditions calculation period is from Monday to Sunday every week. Member can contact to online customer services every Monday with the valid winning consecutive bet slip number to apply for reward, limited one times to claim a week. Reward will be distributed to the [Panda sports] venues every Tuesday.

Single bet valid turnover (VND)Number of consecutive winsBonus (VND)Turnover multiplier

Activity 2: Live casino – consecutive wins

Participate method: member who meet the live casino wins consecutive conditions can contact online custumer services with the valid winning consecutive bet slip number before 22:59:59 on the same day to apply for bonus, which will be distributed to the [DB live casino] venues within 12 hours the next day.

Note: the bonus will distributed according to the number consecutive wins. For example: if the effective bet amount is 20,000,000 VND on the day, and the consecutive wins is 8 times, the bonus will be based on the reaching 8 times to be distributed.

Bet valid turnover/day (VND)Number of consecutive winsBonus (VND)Turnover multiplier


The exchange rate between USDT and VND is 1:25457 as an example. The actual amount is subject to the real-time exchange rate.

USDT bonus and VND bonus can only be applied for using the corresponding currency wallet.

Event rules:

1. Members who meet the event requirements can apply according to the corresponding operating rules. Failure to do so will be deemed as abandonment without compensation.

2. In order to ensure your activity income, please note that the [Benefit Center] bonus is valid within three (3) days (including the day of bonus distribution. For example: if the bonus is distributed at 18:00 on the 2nd, it will be valid until 22:59:59 on the 4th). If it is not accept within the time limit, the bonus will be considered a waiver with no compensation.

3. For Activity 1: If there is an early settlement (exchange) of sports bet slips will not be counted, the number of game previously accumulated winning consecutive can continue to be accumulated, multiple bet slips on the same bet type will not be counted, only one winning bet slips will be counted calculated per match (subject to customer service verification).

    For Activity 2: live casino consecutive is only play baccarat games and only counts banker and player betting methods, other playing methods are not included, a tie in the games do not effect the number of consecutive wins but do not count the number of consecutive wins.

4. The sports wins consecutive bonus is limited to completing the required of betting at the sports venue, the live casino wins consecutive bonus is limited to completing the required of betting at the live casino venue. After applying for this promotion, the amount is locked in the corresponding venue, it is necessary to meet the required betting turnover to unlock the venue before any withdrawal.

5. Members are required to complete the turnover requirements as soon as the bonus is distributed. If the bonus cannot be distributed due to a venue being locked or the previous bonus not having completed the requirements, members need to complete the venue unlock within three (3) days and a second distribution attempt will then be made, if the second attempt is also unsuccessful, it will be considered that the member has forfeited the bonus.

6. For Activity 1: The effective betting amount is only calculated in the Panda sports venue. The effective betting is calculated from 23:00:00 on the same day to 22:59:59 on the next day, only calculates bets that have been settled and have a win-loss result. Any draw, mix parlay bets, special bets, or canceled matches will not be counted. Any bets below European odds 1.5 or Hong Kong odds 0.5, early settlement of bets, and hedging bets on the same match will not be counted.

(For example: betting 100,000 VND, Hong Kong odds 0.5, if you win and receive 50,000 VND, the effective bet is 50,000 VND. If you lose the capital 100,000 VND, the effective bet is 100,000 VND)

7. To avoid misunderstandings, the platform reserves the right to interpret this event finally.

8. Participation means that you have agreed to the “Terms and conditions”.


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