Event Rules

Event Duration: Long-term event

Participants: All MK SPORTS members

Event Details: During the event period, place your bets weekly for a chance to win bonuses up to 1,256 USDT! This is a battle of fate, a high-stakes gamble of life and death.

Weekly Total Valid Bets (USDT)Bonus (USDT)Bonus Withdrawal Requirement

This event follows the general terms and conditions of MK SPORTS.
To protect your interests, each participant must provide complete and accurate basic information, including name, phone number, bank card, email, and date of birth. This ensures that your virtual currency will safely reach your account.
If the platform detects any arbitrage, hedging, or fraudulent profit-making activities, it reserves the right to cancel all bonus qualifications.
Each eligible player, phone number, email address, bank card, IP address, and computer can only enjoy the promotion once. In case of any violation, MK SPORTS will conduct an indefinite review and reclaim the bonuses and all resulting profits.
To avoid any misunderstanding, MK SPORTS reserves the final interpretation rights of this event. Your fate is in your hands.


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