How to Withdraw from MK Sports

Log in to your MK Sports account. On the homepage, click on your member account at the top. Go to “My Wallet” and click the “Withdraw” button to access the withdrawal page.

Hey, newcomer! Want to withdraw? First, bind your bank card by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your MK account:

    • Click on “Member Account” at the top of the homepage.
    • Find “My Wallet”.
    • Go to “Card Management”.
    • Add your bank card information.
  2. After binding:

    • Enter the amount you want to withdraw in the withdrawal amount box.
    • Click “Withdraw Now”.


  • Withdrawing using someone else’s card? Not allowed. For your account security, withdrawals can only be made by the account holder.
  • The name on the bank card must match the registered name. No exceptions.

What to Know When Applying for Withdrawals?

  1. Bank Card Information:

    • The name on the bound bank card must match the name on your MK account.
    • The bank card information must be real and accurate.
  2. Betting Amount:

    • If you haven’t applied for any rebates, you can withdraw when your betting amount reaches the required amount for reconciliation.
    • If you have applied for rebates, you can withdraw after meeting the promotional requirements.
    • Withdrawals can be made at any time, 24/7.

Why Can’t I Withdraw the Amount in My Gaming Account?

  • If you are participating in an ongoing promotion or your amount is locked, you will not be able to withdraw. Contact support for more information. Online support is verifying your issue!

Withdrawal Requirements (e.g., Statement):

  • After meeting all the requirements, MK members can apply for withdrawals (legal currency or USDT *please note these currencies cannot be exchanged for each other).

How to Check My Progress?

  1. Confirm Participation:

    • First, check if you are participating in any promotional activities. If so, refer to the specific requirements of the activity.
    • Click on Personal Center – Betting Records to view details.
  2. Need Help:

    • Can’t check your progress? Contact our online support for more help.

Unable to Submit Withdrawal Request?

  1. Transferred Amount:
    • Has the amount transferred from the venue been credited to the corresponding currency wallet?
  2. Pending Verification:
    • If it shows “You have a pending order for verification,” please contact customer service for more details.

Expected Withdrawal Turnaround Time:

  • MK Sports members usually receive payment within 10 minutes. If you haven’t received it after 30 minutes, contact customer service immediately.