How to Transfer Funds to Different Wallets?

First, log in to your MK account, then open your member account. Select your currency wallet, find the venue you want to transfer to in the transfer list, and click “Transfer” to enter the transfer page.

Manual Transfer Steps:

a. On the transfer page, select the wallet you need to transfer to or from.

b. Enter the amount you want to transfer.

Automatic Transfer Steps:

a. On the transfer page (right side), find and enable the “Auto Transfer” switch. This way, when you enter a game, the amount in your currency wallet will automatically transfer to the corresponding game wallet.

How to withdraw after enabling automatic transfers?

After enabling automatic transfers, go to the withdrawal page, and all game balances will be restored automatically. You can directly apply for withdrawals. If game balances are not restored to the coin wallet in a timely manner due to network issues, click the “Restore Balance” button to restore game balances twice.

The amount decreases when transferring to the game wallet?

The decrease or negative amount is mostly due to secondary system settlements. If you have any questions about this, please contact customer service for detailed consultation.

Transfer failed, money lost, what should I do?

When transferring, please log out of the gaming platform before proceeding.

If the transfer amount is lost, please contact customer service immediately and provide the following information:

  • Member account
  • Lost amount
  • Problematic game

Failed transfer from currency wallet to game wallet?

Check if the corresponding game is under maintenance. If it is under maintenance, transfers cannot be made. Are there frequent transfer operations? Due to a large number of transfers, frequent transfers from a single account may cause network delays, resulting in delayed or lost data. Try transferring whole number amounts.