Event duration: 2024/6/1 00:00:00-7/31 23:59:59
Event target: MK members

Event Description :

Event 1:UEFA cup Daily Quiz.

Answer correctAnswer incorrectJackpot pool
3 points1 point300,000,000₩

Event 2:Daily Deposit Rebate

Total answer pointsBonus percentageLimit bonus
≥160 points20%1,500,000₩
≥100 points10%700,000₩
≥40 points5%150,000₩

*Deposits are calculated from 1:00 AM local time to 1:00 AM the next day.*

USDT bonus and KRW bonus can only be claimed using the corresponding currency wallet.
The actual deposit amount and bonus amount is based on the USDT real-time Exchange Rate.


1. Event 1 can be joined once per day, you can answer the questions after logging in your account.
2. Event 1 bonus will be paid out within 48 hours after the end of the UEFA cup, and the jackpot pool is calculated as follows: jackpot pool/total points*single member’s points (e.g., if 1,000 members join the event, and the total points of all the members is 80,000, and the total points of Member A is 180, Member A can get 300,000,000/80,000*180=675, 000₩ bonus). Bonus with a rolling 3x withdrawal requirement.
3. Event 2 will run from 7/16/2024 01:00:00 to the end of 8/1/2024 01:00:00, and members can claim the corresponding deposit bonus by contacting Customer Service once their daily accumulated deposits meet the activity conditions. The bonus will be paid within 48 hours from the next day.

4. The [ Benefit Center ] Bonus is valid for 3 days (including the day of bonus paid out, for example, bonus is paid out at 18:00 on June 2, then it is valid until 23:59:59 on June 4), if the bonus is not claimed overtime, then it will be invalidated and not be compensated.

5. This event is subject to the platform’s normal rules and conditions.


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