Promotion period: long-term

To whom: This promotion is applicable to all MK newly joined members.

Event content

During the event, members can get up to ₹2,000 by betting on “Slot Venue” on the same day with a total negative profit that meets the requirements of the slot, Bonus can be withdrawn with only 5 times turnover.

Total amount of loss for the dayLoss bonusBonus Rollover Requirement


Event rule

1、This event is only available to members who use INR and USDT.

2、This event requires daily registration, members need to log in to the page between 21:30:00 of the previous day and 21:29:59 of the same day and click on the [Apply Now] button to apply for the event, not clicking on the [Apply Now] button is considered to be a waiver of participation in this event.

3、Members who meet the application conditions, the bonus will be issued to the [DB slots game] within 48 hours after the audit passed(Betting at slot venues only). Bonus can be withdrawn with only 5 times turnover. The bonus is valid for 3 days and will not be reissue if not claimed before that date.

4、Members are required to complete the turnover requirement as soon as possible after the bonus has been distribute bonus. If the bonus cannot be distribute due to the venue being locked or the previous bonus not completing the turnover requirement, the member is required to unlock the venue within three days, and then a second distribute bonus will be made, and if the second distribute bonus is still unsuccessful, it will be the default that the member forfeits the bonus.

5、During the venue lock-in period, the effective betting amount generated from the event bonuses distributed in the promotional event will not count towards the valid betting amount for rebate promotions.

6、The above loss amount is calculated only for the betting orders that have been settled and have produced winning and losing results, and the amount of the day is calculated from: 21:30:00 of the previous day – 21:29:59 of the same day.

7、If any member or group attempts to obtain event discounts in an abnormal manner, the platform reserves the right to freeze or close the relevant account without notice, without refunding the money, and the member will be blacklisted.

8、Games account with the same mobile phone number, name, email address, bank card number, and other information. you can only participate once. if there is any violation, you will not enjoy this bonus and the platform has the right to review and recover all winnings generated from the player’s account indefinitely.  

9、This event complies with the platform standard rules and terms.


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